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The Shepherd’s Home Administration

The Shepherd’s Home ministry has a volunteer Board of Directors providing governance and oversight of the ministry.  The Board is comprised of dedicated individuals with various professional experience including ministry, management, engineering, education, human resources, finance, and pharmaceuticals.

A Director of The Shepherd’s home manages employed staff and all daily activities.  An advisory team, made up of volunteers, enhances the ministry and provides important support for four fundraisers per year, in addition to other events and retreats.

The Board of Directors

When taking office, Board members review organizational documents (charter, bylaws and related official documents) to become fully aware of the stated vision and purpose of The Shepherd’s Home.  The Board approves decisions and develops all corporate policies in support of the vision and purpose.





TSH Liaison for Women

TSH Liaison for Men Co-Liaisons




Larry Tanis

Dan Johnson

Pat Houtsinger

Tina Purdie

Tanya McCall

Dan Johnson/Gary Gray

Barbara Rinehart

Zach Sheets

Bess Stout

The Shepherd’s Home Staff

Rhonda Madden – Director, TSH for Women

Rhonda assumed the role as Director of The Shepherd’s Home December, 2014.  Rhonda has served in ministry as a teacher, volunteer, and Bible study facilitator for 17 years.

Rhonda has a compassionate heart and views working at The Shepherd’s Home as an opportunity to share the gospel and love of Christ. Rhonda understands that addiction is no respecter of persons and that trauma and pain generally underlie most addictions. Addiction is multi-layered and affects one physically, mentally, emotionally, and, most importantly, spiritually, There can be several emotions or behaviors at play for women in addiction and Rhonda seeks to give wise counsel. When faced with a problem situation, Rhonda patiently observes the issue and prayerfully considers the best solution. Rhonda says, “At The Shepherd’s Home we just sow seeds and God gives the increase.” “Joy comes in knowing that God is pleased with me and that others are blessed because of it.”

For Rhonda the best thing about her position is the teachable moments God blesses her with. Her personal favorite verse, Psalm 34:6 “This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles” reminds her of the day she cried out for salavtion and forgiveness and God saved her. “Since that day, He has come to my rescue too many times to count. I’ve definitely been through ENOUGH to know that God is ENOUGH.”

When she has spare time, Rhonda enjoys playing piano/keyboard, reading and walking for relaxation


Angie Carroll – Support Staff, TSH for Women

Angie began working with the women in The Shepherd’s Home in 2014 and delights in seeing the difference Christ makes in the lives of women who complete the program.  Angie can personally relate to the women and identifies with the work God performs in their lives.  “God pulled me out of my addiction and put me in a position to work with others in addiction.  I have been blessed in many ways – Godly friends and restored relationships.”

Her life verse is Luke 6:31.  “And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”  Angie enjoys seeing the women grow in faith and grow to love the Lord. For Angie, it is rewarding when the women demonstrate to others the change in their lives, and for many, it means regaining custody of their children.  Angie is a life example and inspiration for the women with whom she works.


Elisha Baker – Administrative Coordinator for TSH Ministry

Elisha began working at The Shepherd’s Home July, 2015. Elisha considers her job at The Shepherd’s Home a blessing.  She provides administrative support for the staff and participates in planning and coordinating fund raising events.  She enjoys seeing the residents learn the word of God and grow spiritually.


Teresa Armstrong – Support Staff, TSH for Women


Terry Bray – Director, TSH for Men

Terry Bray, a graduate of the University of Tennessee has a long history of business and missions success.  With ETHRA, he wrote grants while serving as program director of an intervention program for youth at risk. He worked at Western Carolina Publishing, Inc. as a reporter/photographer and news editor covering government, police and agriculture and won a state award for agriculture articles. He formed T.L. Bray and Associates, a weekly newspaper in Denver, NC and sold it to Charlotte Observer Co.  He has worked as production manager for Delmar Printing and Publishing and developed and implemented a desktop pagination program.  Terry was a business consultant with DeWolfe, Boberg and Associates Inc. developing a desktop scheduling platform that produced the highest production in their 23-year history.

From March, 2012 to August, 2016, Terry worked with the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission (KARM) as Director of Front Line where he and his staff of 28 people handled all operations that directly impacted their client base.  Terry’s passion for helping those who have little hope without Christ and who need help and direction for recovery is unparalleled.


Advisory Team

The advisory team members, fondly called “The Circle of Friends,” are a committed group of Christian leaders from local churches, business, and community that serve as advocates for The Shepherd’s Home. The advisory team provides critical resources for activities that contribute significantly to the success of The Shepherd’s Home.


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